Tara Plantation Wedding Venue
209 Angel Road Anniston, Alabama 36207
(256) 689-9669

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Latest reviews for Tara Plantation Wedding Venue 5/5.0 stars (2 reviews)

Chelsea in Anniston, AL *****
Awesome place to have a fun filled wedding or any event for that matter! Donna is amazing she works with you throughout your whole planning process and wedding!
MARLENA in Oxford, AL *****
I could not have asked for a better venue! I was at ease knowing I could have an outdoor/indoor wedding if needed! Plenty of space and the sound system was incredible! Donna was there to help in any way needed and worked nonstop to make sure my day was special! I had an outside wedding on Sept 16,2017 at 6pm and my programs were fans so my guests could cool off! The deck and arch were beautiful with the woods as my background! The guests were never bored due to the MANY places to walk and look at Donna's amazing creativity with vintage items,including an old truck turned into a fountain AND half a VW bug coming out of the venue! LOVED this venue I wish I could do it all over again!

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